HELP: Search for eyeshadow primer!

Hey guys!

So I’ve been on a hunt for an eyeshadow primer that will help my eyeshadow stay on and not crease despite my really oily lids. That was after my eyeshadow yesterday creased after just a few hours of wear. Ugh. I figured that was happening too often now, so I’m looking for a primer that will give me the best value for my money. If you know me, I’m reaaaaaally thrifty. So there.

I’ve asked a group of makeup enthusiasts on Facebook already and I think I’ve narrowed down my choices to Too Faced Shadow Insurance and Lime Crime Eyeshadow Helper.

Any feedback on these?

Thanks in advance and see you again on my next post!



5 thoughts on “HELP: Search for eyeshadow primer!

  1. Petite Lab Rat says:

    If you’re looking for even cheaper alternatives, try out the Milani eye primer or the Wet n’ Wild Fergie eyeshadow primer. Both really inexpensive but great for the price! Of course, my go to is Urban Decay primer potion, but these are great alternatives. The e.l.f. mineral eyeshadow primer is okay too, but a little too watery for my liking. Check that out too!

    I did try Too Faced shadow insurance and it was too oily for my lids and didn’t absorb into my skin as well as the Urban Decay Primer Potion.

    • sydneydee18 says:

      Wow, thank you for all the suggestions, @petitelabrat! I have really oily lids plus they have lots of folds so I need a really good anti-creasing primer. I’ll probably check some of those out on the counter too see (the ones locally available hehe). Question. Do you have oily lids also?

      • Petite Lab Rat says:

        No, I actually have pretty normal to dry lids so what may work for me may not work for you 😦 But UD primer potion is amazing for everyone I’ve heard. So glad I can help! Good luck finding a good primer! 🙂

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