RAVE: Maybelline’s Baby Lips in Anti-oxidant Berry

This isn’t new at all, but I’m not sure if everyone knows about this already. I feel the need to let others know how much this has worked for me! Haha!

Major, major rave for this Maybelline lip balm line, especially the anti-oxidant berry variant!

Baby Lips_front

Baby Lips_back

Baby Lips_cap off

Its Claim:
-Instant 8-hour moisture: shed away rough dryness for supple, smooth, and cushioned lips all day long
-Rejuvenated lips in one week. Its proven Centella essence increases cell turnover to literally transform your lips: fines lines reduced, elasticity and suppleness increased

My Experience:
Baby lips in anti-oxidant berry moisturizes instantly and keeps my lips moisturized up to ~13 hours! The times that I really need to apply this is every after I brush my teeth. If I don’t, my lips start to feel very dry and become chapped after a while. Sometimes, I feel the need to after I use a mouthwash and wipe off or after eating and wiping. But that’s basically it. After a day of using it, I remembered having felt that my lips were renewed and baby soft. It wasn’t even a week. But my lips weren’t very chapped in the first place, so that’s something to take into account. Given my experience, I think this would greatly benefit those who suffer from dry, chapped lips. Major plus for its lovely scent!

-Instant 8-hour moisture: I say up to ~13 hours!
-Rejuvenated lips in one week: I say even in one day, especially for those who don’t have very chapped lips to begin with. Fine lines reduced, elasticity and suppleness increased!

I’ve tried using Chapstick, Vaseline’s Lip Therapy, and even plain petroleum jelly on my lips during the day. They all worked to a certain extent and I was satisfied with their performance. That was until I got to try Maybelline’s Baby Lips lip balm in Anti-oxidant berry. It was much more effective in moisturizing than plain petroleum jelly and Vaseline’s Lip Therapy. It stayed on much longer and it was much more wearable and comfortable on the lips. It was a bit more comfortable on the lips than Chapstick, and I liked the way Baby Lips smelled way more than Chapstick in cherry or strawberry does. The anti-oxidant berry variant smells fruity and light. Plus, Baby Lips in anti-oxidant berry does not deliver color, while Chapstick does. It’s a plus for me just because I don’t really like the way balms deliver color.

(This is not a paid entry, okay. I just really think this product is great! Haha.)

Warning tho: since the anti-oxidant berry variant is virtually colorless, there were times when I’d put too much on and my lips would look pale. :p once, a colleague asked me if I was sick coz I looked pale. (I had nothing on but lip balm.) Yikes. Also, heavy application can fade lip color. Light application in tapping motions should be okay over lipstick.

I’ve also tried a variant in the Baby Lips Color line. I didn’t like it as much. It did tint my lips (sheerly tho), but I felt like the anti-oxidant berry variant was more effective in moisturizing AND I’m just crazy for the scent! :)) i’m a sucker for fruity fragrances. :p

That’s it for this rave post!

Hoping to empower you,


Available in leading department stores, drugstores, and supermarkets.
Baby Lips in Anti-oxidant Berry, Php 82

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